Representative APR Example
Total Amount of Credit: $300
Duration of the Agreement: 30 days
Total Amount Repayable: $370
Interest is Fixed at a
rate of 296% per year
Representative APR 1737%

Welcome to Installment Loan Texas

When you come to us for financial assistance, our first lookout is your convenience. We don’t merely offer loans but, we at Installment Loan Texas offer you loans with convenience. Mind it, we provide you multifaceted convenience for availing any type of installment loan.

The convenience of fully online operation
With us at Installment Loan Texas, you won’t feel tiers of complexities mostly synonymous with installment loans. But, with us it is altogether a different story. You will require minutes to fill in the e-form since our requirement is limited to basic personal information. Moreover, we don’t want you indulge into documentation of any kind. We will not even want you to fax a document.

We are accessibleround the clock on all days. As such, you have the freedom to apply at anytime as convenient.

All cash transactions are automatically executed through bank account. Therefore neither do you need to go and collect the loan form our office nor visit our office every month to repay due installments.

We maintain every channel of online communication. You can go for any that suites you – placing your queries for clarification in specific space for question and answer, communicating via e-mail, direct conversation with our loan experts and customer care executive over phone or visiting our conveniently located office.

Hope to have meaningful and satisfactory communication.

Bad credit rate?
Yes, in general it is an obstacle creating a doubtful situation for approval of installment loans. But, with us, you can dismiss this doubt. We give you a loan despite your bad credit. Knowing the average reasons of bad credit, we do not annoy our customers on trivial credit issues.

Living in rented house does not debar you from loans
We don’t ask for collateral. This helps in avoiding not only paperwork but, also speeds up the processing. This happens as the result of cutting down significant amount of time on evaluation and further documentation.

So, we made it a multifaceted convenience!